The NMSU Biology Department with the support of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is increasing persistence in science by nurturing students’ interest in science and providing support for them to succeed in their majors.This is accomplished by:

  • enhancing NMSU biology courses to incorporate a research-based component,
  • by providing in and out of classroom support to students through peer instructors and peer advisers, and
  • by offering undergraduate research opportunities.

Coming Up

Biology Seminar Speaker Series, Foster Hall, Rm 231, 4-5 pm

January 31: Christian Cox, Georgia Southern University: “Evolutionary Drivers of Functional Diversity Across Biological Scales”.



NMSU Climate Change Education Seminar Series

Location TBD, 7:00 pm

February 6: Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University: “Barriers to Public Acceptance of Climate Science, Impacts and Solutions”.

Rio Grande Theater, 7:00 pm

February 20: Joel Berger, Colorado State University: “Extreme Conservation and Glacier-Less Planet”.

March 6: Jonathan Overpeck, University of Michigan: “Drought, Water Security, and Ecosystem Disruption- The SW Climate Challenge”.

April 3: Park Williams, Columbia University: “Climate Change, Wildfire, and Megadrought in the Western United States”.