Anthony Collin, NMSU-HHMI Research Scholar, selected as Fulbright Finalist

FULBRIGHT FINALISTS   We had excellent news this week that three of our Fulbright applicants have made the first cut, which means that their applications are now going to be reviewed in the host country. Three Honors College undergraduates worked hard, under the supervision of Tim Ketelaar, to craft very persuasive proposals, and apparently the Fulbright review panels were impressed by the students’ hard work. If all goes well, Education major Sara Bonk will spend next year in Spain teaching English, Environmental Science major Anthony Colin will study at Wageningen University in the Netherlands (perhaps the world’s best university for sustainable tropical agriculture), and Sicilee Macklin will be doing biochemical research in Food Science in Korea. We are very proud of all three for their accomplishments- Honors College

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