Biol 309

As students emerge from Biol 211 with an enhanced interest in research, they will have the opportunity to enroll in a research course. This will provide students from many majors with an early introduction to research which will increase persistence of STEM majors.


Biol 309, spring 2019

The Guided Research Class, Biol 309, will be taught by Dr. Brad Shuster and will focus on the regulation of actin cytoskeleton during echinoderm embryogenesis.
















Biology 309, fall 2018

The Biol 309, Guided Research, course in fall 2018 was again taught by Dr. Jennifer Curtiss focused on

Genes & Eye Development.

End of semester poster session, December 3,2018.












Biology 309, spring 2018

The Biol 309, Guided Research, course in spring 2018 will be taught by Dr. Jennifer Curtiss and will focus on

Genes & Eye Development.

End of the semester poster session, May 7, 2018.












Biology 309, spring 2017

Show-and Tell for Las Cruces Academy Students, Monday, March 13, 2017,

Biol 309 students explain the function of the electric organ of the electric fish Sternopygus macrurus
















Biology 309 is a discovery-driven training opportunity for the next generation of biologists. It is a 13.5-week intensive lecture and laboratory course held at Foster Hall in Spring 2017. Tentatively the course will be divided into four cycles, each lasting three weeks. In each cycle, students will participate in a laboratory module. The laboratory modules constitute the largest part of the course. Working in pairs, students gain hands-on experience using experimental equipment and tools, and how to think about the study of neurobiology, regeneration and behavior using modern techniques.  Students will carry out their own research projects and prepare formal presentations to disseminate their results to the Las Cruces community. Additionally, students will learn the history, general concepts, important issues, and future directions for research in neurobiology and regeneration.


Biology 309, fall 2015


Biol 309 Field Excursion, Fall 2015, Dripping Spring Road



Biol 309, Fall 2015






In the  spring 2016 semester the course will be taught by Dr. Angus Dawe and will have an emphasis on expressing proteins in yeast cells to test predictions about their functions. In fall 2016 Dr. Tim Wright will teach a revised version of the the links between genes and behavior in local harvester ants.