BLM: Inventory Range Internship, 12 weeks


Office work

  • Scan each Permit (Section 4 or CRIA) and electronically file by allotment.  Naming Convention.  Scan Photos.
  • Create table to include the following Information: Allotment name, Project name, permit type, year issued, and condition of improvement, Location-GPS point.

Field Work

  • Inspect each improvement (cattle guard, pipeline, tank, trough) on public lands, on each allotment filling out Project Inspection and Maintenance Record BLM(Form 1740-1, September 1989).  GPS location and photos.
  • Use Datalogger so forms can be downloaded easily.
  • Need to develop protocol so that there is some consistency in photo quality, distance from improvement, improvement in foreground with background captured, date stamped etc.
  • Use a camera that can take a photo with GPS location and direction logged on the photo.
  • Condition of road to each range improvement and any access issues such as locked gates, private property signs
  • Note existing supplemental feeding locations e.g. Salt licks, protein tub

UW-Madison Preview Opportunity


The University of Wisconsin-Madison will host a  Biosciences Opportunities Preview (BOPS) Weekend on September 29-October 2nd, 2016. This is a great all-expenses paid opportunity for prospective students to learn about opportunities in biological science graduate programs at UW-Madison. UW-Madison is a world-class university with many opportunities for graduate study. Approximately 146 programs offer masters degrees and 110 programs offer doctorate degrees. UW-Madison is one of the largest bioscience research institutions in the nation; ranking in the top 20 of all research programs worldwide for NIH funded biomedical research. It is a leader in stem cell research and in the top 10 for bioscience research in the nation. For more information on the BOPS preview weekend opportunity please see the attached or visit the program website at: http://www.biopreview.wisc.edu/

The application to apply is now available and we strongly encourage interested applicants to apply now as the application will close on August 2, 2016. Please contact us with any questions: biopreview@mailplus.wisc.edu

White Sands National Monument Pathways Internship Summer 2016


Summer Institute in Biostatistics

The Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics (SIBS) offers a comprehensive six to seven week summer training course on biostatistics with relevant examples that include data collected in studies of heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders. Designed to address a growing imbalance between the demand and supply for biostatisticians, the course targets undergraduates and beginning graduate students who are interested in learning about biostatistics. The program will provide an intensive introduction to biostatistical approaches and research by exposing participants to the principles, methodologies, uses, and applications of statistical methods in biomedical and clinical research. Courses will be offered during the summers of 2016, 2017, and 2018. The program was initiated in 2004 at Boston University, North Carolina State University, and the University of Wisconsin, and has been expanded to meet the increasing need.

For the upcoming session of 2016, the NHLBI supports seven SIBS programs.


Cancer Research Opportunities- St. Jude

Pediatric Oncology Education (POE) Program


Los Alamos National Labs

Undergraduate Student Programs

National Institute of Health (NIH)

Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award (Postbac IRTA/CRTA)


University of Michigan

Frontiers Masters Bridging Program and PhD Program- University of Michigan’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



NIH IRTA (for undergrads at graduation)
No deadline but sooner is better


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