Research Scholars Graduation Banquet, Spring 2016

Poster Session and Banquet, Summer 2015

On August 6, 2015, 16 NMSU-HHMI Research Scholars and Summer Research Scholars presented their research conducted over the summer to NMSU administration, faculty, peers, friends and parents in a poster session in O’Donnell Hall.








Graduation Banquet, Spring 2015

Ten Senior Research Scholars successfully graduated from the NMSU-HHMI Research Scholars Program on May 8, 2015. This year keynote speaker was 2010 NMSU-HHMI alumnus Ryan McNamara who gave a talk on “Viruses: Nature’s Great Unifiers”.





Program Sponsored Seminars

October, 2012

NMSU-HHMI guest speaker Martha Grossel is a Professor of Biology at the Connecticut College in New London, CT. The title of her seminar talk is :”Cdk6 Develops as aFactor in Differentiation.” Martha Grossel’s research involves understanding what causes the unchecked cellular division that is associated with cancer.

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September, 2012

NMSU-HHMI guest speaker Fernando Noriega is from the Florida International University. The title of his seminar talk is “New approaches to study the nutritional regulation of juvenile hormone synthesis in mosquito.”

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April, 2012

NMSU-HHMI guest speaker Ronald Rutowski is from Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences. The title of his seminar talk is “Iridescent signals in animals: production, perception, and functions.”

His research focuses on vision, visual signals and reproductive behavior in insects. ” The integration of proximate and evolutionary explanations for visual signals and visually guided behavior in animal reproduction has been a theme of my research for many years. This effort has focused on butterfly behavior and coloration, which have been good subjects for fruitful investigation of how visual signals are produced and evolve, and how insects use vision in their lives”.

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NMSU-HHMI guest speaker Dr. Ronald Rutowski


February, 2012

NMSU-HHMI guest speaker Marcelo Jacobs- Lorena from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

His research covers:
• Genetic modification of mosquito vectorial capacity
• Mosquito- Plasmodium interactions
• Gene expression during Plasmodium development in the mosquito
• Structure and function of the peritrophic matrix (PM)

More on Dr. Jacobs-Lorena at:

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NMSU-HHMI guest speaker Dr. Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

Summer Poster Session – August

At the Poster Session, Research Scholars present their scientific poster to family, friends, and the public. Their posters are the result of the intensive summer research experience. After the session, a private banquet is held to recognize the presenters and their mentors.

Collage Poster Session September 2013





Graduation Banquet – Spring 2013

Each year at the end of the Spring Semester, the NMSU-HHMI Program honors the graduating senior Research Scholars at a banquet. Congratulations to the 2013 NMSU-HHMI graduates!

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 Graduation Banquet, Spring 2014

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