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The application period for the Fall 2015  NMSU-HHMI Research Scholars program is now closed.

The Research Scholars Program is designed for juniors and seniors who would like to gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of research in the biological sciences. Research scholars work at least 10 hours per week in a research laboratory during their junior and senior years. They also work full-time on a somewhat independent research project during their junior-senior summer. Their nearly two years of research is guided by a faculty research mentor. Faculty Research Mentors work in many different departments on campus doing work that is related to the biological sciences NMSU-HHMI Faculty Mentors . In addition to working in a research program, NMSU-HHMI Research Scholars enroll in a Research Methods course (BIOL 302) in the Spring Semester of their junior year, and they enroll in an Honors Thesis course (BIOL 402) in the Fall Semester of their senior year. In the thesis course, they are provided extensive guidance as they work through the process of writing up their summer research into an undergraduate honors thesis.

Many Research Scholars have presented their work at Scholars Presentations 2007-2015, and have contributed to Research Scholars Publications 2006-2015.  The Program also hosts visiting scholars who present a seminar about their research and meet with the undergraduate researchers.  Lastly, the Program hosts a series of banquets for the Research Scholars, their Faculty Research Mentors, and their invited family and friends. Pictures

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