The College of Arts & Sciences Seeks Applications for an Undergraduate Student Travel Grant Award Program

ELIGIBILITY:  A student who is enrolled as an undergraduate major in a degree program in the College of Arts & Sciences is eligible.  If a student is seeking more than one major degree and one or more of the degree-offering colleges is not the College of Arts & Sciences, the student work that is the basis of the Travel Grant application must be connected to the student applicant’s Arts & Sciences major degree.


The award program will support student professional travel, providing up to a MAXIMUM amount of $400, forprofessional travel that will occur during the December 01, 2018 through June 10, 2019 time period. It is anticipated that at least 10 awards will be made, based upon quality applications being submitted.


The deadline for submission of an application for a College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Student Travel Grant is 11:59 PM MST, Monday, November 12th, 2018.        Submission information is provided below.


Professional travel includes:

-performance or exhibition or reading of one’s original work in an organized setting including a conference, a workshop, etc.,   


-presentation of research investigation outcomes in the form of poster or oral presentations at conferences/workshops/professional organization meetings,    


-transport of original work to an exhibition,


– any other activity that involves the student applicant participating in an organized and scheduled professional gathering where they will be presenting outcomes that they have played a role in creating. 


An application will consist of:  

  1. i)The student’s description (350 word maximum) of their work that will be the focus of their exhibition/performance/participation at their proposed travel destination and organized event there
  2. ii)The student applicant’s description (300 word maximum) of how their participation will enhance their undergraduate education and how their participation will play a role in their professional and/or academic plans following their completion of their undergraduate degree

iii)                A budget that describes the total costs of the proposed travel (transportation, hotel/lodging, food, registration, etc.), clearly indicating what other sources of funding will be available in addition to the maximum $400 this award program will provide, so that the funds for the full expected cost are identified

  1. iv)A written statement (300 words maximum) from the student applicant’s faculty advisor in which the advisor describes the student applicant’s work that will be the focus of their travel presentation, that addresses the student applicant’s academic record, and addresses discussions the faculty advisor has had with the student applicant about their academic and/or professional plans after undergraduate degree completion
  2. v)An unofficial copy of the student applicant’s academic transcript
  3. vi)Optional :  a copy of the student applicant’s Curriculum Vitae (resume)


All of the above five (or six) application components should be included in a single PDF document in the order listed above, and that file should be emailed to   Dr. Jim Murphy at  The file should have the name structure:   ApplicantsLastName-ApplicantsFirstName-UGTravelGrant-2018.pdf.     Include in the email’s Subject line   Fall 2018  Undergrad Travel Grant .


Student applicants selected for a Travel Grant award can have funds made available prior to their travel and will be able to request a Travel Advance no more than 30 days before the start of their travel; the student award recipient will coordinate with their primary major degree department office to access awarded Travel Grant award funds.


Travel Grant award selection criteria include:

–          The student applicant’s university academic performance to date

–          The student applicant’s ability to provide a substantial description of their effort that is the motivation for their travel, and their providing a thoughtful description of the future professional and/or academic benefit of the proposed travel

–          The student applicant’s faculty advisor’s conveying their awareness of and familiarity with the applicant’s travel-motivating activities and their stated support of the travel

–          Providing discipline variety (Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences) among the awardees


DO let me know if you have any questions.


Regards,  Jim Murphy



Jim Murphy

Associate Dean for Research, College of Arts & Sciences

Professor, Department of Astronomy

New Mexico State University


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