The NMSU Biology Department with the support of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is increasing persistence in science by nurturing students’ interest in science and providing support for them to succeed in their majors.This is accomplished by:

  • enhancing NMSU biology courses to incorporate a research-based component,
  • by providing in and out of classroom support to students through peer instructors and peer advisers, and
  • by offering undergraduate research opportunities.


Upcoming Events

Biomedical Research Seminar Series Fall 2017, 3:30-4:30 pm, Domenici Hall, Rm 109


September 22: Philip Rivera, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Med School: “The Role of Neuroimmune Signaling on Addiction-Like Behavior in Mice.” Flyer

October 6: Rebecca Palacios, NMSU: “A Cultural Adaptation of an Evidence -Based Cancer Evolution Program.”

November 3: Dennis Harris, Endocrine Society: “Translating Hormone Science to Helath at the Endocrine Society- The Role of Nonprofits in Research.”

December 1: Christopher Kemp, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: “Personalized Cancer Models for Target Discovery and Precision Oncology.”

Biology Seminar Speaker Series Fall 2017, 4-5 pm, Foster Hall 231


September 21: Phil Rivera, Massachusetts General Hospital: “The Role of Inflammation on Addiction-Like Behavior in Mice”. Flyer

September 28: Anita Quintana, UTEP”: “Elucidating the Function of the Cholesterol Synthesis Pathway during Development and Disease”.

October 5: Michael Moody, UTEP

October 12: Jonas King, Mississippi State University

October 19: Fitsum Gebreselassie, NMSU

October 26: Lab Standard Safety Refresher

November 2: Brian Millsap, NMSU: “How to shred an eagle…”.

November 9: Stephen Dobson, University of Kentucky

November 16: Akasha Faist, UC Boulder

November 30: Geoffrey Attardo, UC Davis: “Tsetse Fly Reproduction: Exploration of the Unique Physiological Adaptations of a Neglected Disease Vector”.

December 7: Donovan Bailey, NMSU: “Thinking about Plant Organelle Evoulution”.