The NMSU Biology Department with the support of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is increasing persistence in science by nurturing students’ interest in science and providing support for them to succeed in their majors.This is accomplished by:

  • enhancing NMSU biology courses to incorporate a research-based component,
  • by providing in and out of classroom support to students through peer instructors and peer advisers, and
  • by offering undergraduate research opportunities.


Biology Seminar Speaker Series Spring 2020, Foster Hall 231, 4-5 pm

April 2. Danielle Miyagishima, Yale School of Medicine: “The Importance of Transcription Factor Networks and Clonal Heterogeneity in Treating Brain Tumors: A Pharmacogenomic Approach”.

April 9. Henry Adams, Oklahoma State University: “Influences of Temperature and Ontogeny on the Physiology of

Tree Mortality”.

April 16. Chris McClure, The Peregrine Fund: TBD

April 23. Department of Biology Student Travel Award Winners.

April 30. Vanessa Gonzalez, Smithsonian Institute: TBD


Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences’ Graduate Seminar Series

Gerald Thomas Hall, Room 200, 3:30 pm


Climate Change Seminar Education Seminar Series

April 22, 7:00 pm, Rio Grande Theatre: Leah Gerber, Arizona State University: TBD

Research Scholars Graduation Fall 2019

Shellby Tacheney and Mentor Eric Scholljegerdes

Xavier Jimenez and Mentor Immo Hansen

Rosalba Marquez and Mentor Donovan Bailey

Monica Cordova and Mentor Gary Roemer

Program Director Michèle Shuster and Co-Director Tim Wright

Luke Sanchez and Mentor Jennifer Curtiss

Kevin Cisneros and Mentor Graciela Unguez

Julia Yescas and Mentor Emily Indriolo

Jordan Gass and Mentor Kathy Hanley

Jackelyn Rocha and Mentor Amanda Ashley


Concepcion Sanchez and Mentor Jessica Houston

Chad Erickson and Ramesh Chinnasami









Alejandra Cobos and Mentor Emily Indriolo

All Research Scholars and Chancellor Dan Arvizu