The NMSU Biology Department with the support of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is increasing persistence in science by nurturing students’ interest in science and providing support for them to succeed in their majors.This is accomplished by:

  • enhancing NMSU biology courses to incorporate a research-based component,
  • by providing in and out of classroom support to students through peer instructors and peer advisers, and
  • by offering undergraduate research opportunities.


Coming Up

Biology Seminar Series, Foster Hall, Rm 231

January 25. Sang Rok Lee, NMSU: “Rescuing Interventions for Aging- Induced Body Composition Alterations.”

February 1. Yanyan Zhang, NMSU: “Emerging Environmental Biotechnologies for Pathogen Removal from Water.”

February 8. Elizabeth Hobson, Santa Fe Institute

February 15. Michèle Shuster, NMSU: “Twelve Years of HHMI Funding at NMSU- What Have We Accomplished?”

February 22. Vanessa Lougheed, UTEP: “Response of Arctic Aquatic Ecosystems to Climate Warming.”

March 1. Jeffrey Olimpo, UTEP: “Course- Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CURE’s): A Mechanism for Advancing Student’s Conceptual Understanding and Affect in the Biological Sciences.”

March 8. Sasha Reed, USGS, Southwest Biological Science Center: “Dryland Responses to Anthropogenic Change: A Biogeochemical Perspective.”

March 15. Michael Strand, University of Georgia: “The Role of the Gut Microbiota in Development and Reproduction of Mosquitoes.”

March 29. Dylan Schwilk, Texas Tech: “Using Plant Traits to Predict the Effects of Climate and Fire on Dynamic Communities.”

April 5. Rindy Anderson, Florida Atlantic University: “A Tale of Two Sparrows: Song Function, Signal Reliability and the Evolution of Animal Communications Systems.”

April 12. Jessica Treisman, NYU School of Medicine

April 19. Christopher Aiken, NMSU

April 26. Graduate Awardees

May 3. Graduate Awardees


Biomedical Research Seminar Series, Domenici Hall, Rm 109

January 19. Renato Aguilera, UTEP: “From the Study of DNases to Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery.”


February 2. Eric Stoffregen, Lewis- Clark State College: “Y Chromosome Variation and Male Lethality in Drosophila Embryos Lacking BLm DNA.”

February 16. Amy Navratil, University of Wyoming: “Knockin’ on Fertilities door: Understanding Gonadotrope Function.”

March 16. Gil Mor, Yale University School of Medicine: “Unique Immunological and Microbial Regulatory Mechanisms During Pregnancy.”

April 13. Charlotte Vines, UTEP: “CCR7 Induced Migration: Signaling Pathways and Malignancies.”

April 27. Fangjun Shu, NMSU: “Fluid Dynamics in Blood- Wetted Medical Devices.”