Guest Speaker

The NMSU-HHMI program is inviting national seminar guest speakers, hosted by a faculty member of the Biology department, to talk to faculty and students at the departmental Biology Seminar Series . The guest speaker also meets with undergraduate NMSU-HHMI Research Scholars in a semiprivate meeting so students have the opportunity to ask questions about the guests research, their own research projects or grad school opportunities.


NameDateAffiliationFaculty Host
Spring 2011
Paul Ewald2/3/2011University of Louisville, KYKathy Hanley
Joyce Machinski4/14/2011Center for Tropical Plant Conservation, Coral Gables, FLRalph Preszler
Mark Siddall5/6/2011American Museum of Natural History, NY (Banquet Keynote Speaker)NMSU-HHMI
Fall 2011
Frank Stewart11/3/2011Georgia Institute of Tech., Atlanta, GAJohn Xu
Eric Baehrecke11/17/2011Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MAAngus Dawe
Spring 2012
Marcelo-Jacobs Lorena2/16/2012The Johns Hopkins Institute, BaltimoreImmo Hansen
Ron Rutowski4/26/2012ASUTim Wright
Fall 2012
Fernando Noriega9/27/2012Florida International University, Miami, FLImmo Hansen
Martha Grossel10/25/2012Connecticut College, New London, CTMichèle Shuster
Spring 2013
Rachel Johnston5/3/2013UCLA, Banquet Keynote SpeakerNMSU-HHMI
Fall 2013
Billie Swalla11/14/2013University of Washington, Seattle, WABrad Shuster
Helen Benes12/5/2013University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AKImmo Hansen
Spring 2014
Peter Agre3/13/2014The Johns Hopkins Institute, BaltimoreImmo Hansen
Jeffrey Becker4/3/2014University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TNAngus Dawe
Jeremiah Sears5/9/2014Sandia Laboratories, Los Alamos, NM, (Banquet Keynote Speaker)NMSU-HHMI
Hayley Brown5/9/2014Dow Chemical, Houston, TX (Banquet Keynote Speaker)NMSU-HHMI
Spring 2015
Felix Schweizer4/16/2015David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA, CATim Wright
Ryan McNamara5/8/2015Banquet Keynote SpeakerNMSU-HHMI
Fall 2015
Emilio Bruna10/12/2015University of Florida, FL (CREATE Speaker)Tim Wright
Spring 2016
Jake Socha3/24/2016Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VAMichele Nishiguchi
Fall 2016
Jodie Jawor08/25/2016NSFTim Wright
Bridgett vonHoldt10/31/2016Princeton University (CREATE Speaker)Tim Wright
Spring 2017
Kellie Jurado05/12/2017Banquet Keynote SpeakerNMSU-HHMI
Fall 2017
Richard Cripps11/9/2017UNMJennifer Curtiss
Spring 2018
Michael Strand03/15/2018University of GeorgiaImmo Hansen
Jessica Treisman04/12/2018Skirball Institute of Biomedical Medicine, Developmental GeneticsJennifer Curtiss
Mary Topalovski05/11/2018Crown Bioscience, Inc.
(Banquet Keynote Speaker)
Nadean Brown10/18/2018UC DavisJennifer Curtiss
Elizabeth Reitzel05/10/2019Attorney, Albuquerque
(Banquet Keynote Speaker)