Sierra Strebe and Nubia Rivas become latest Fulbright Scholars from NMSU Biology Department

Congratulations to the latest in a growing list of Fulbright Scholars from NMSU Biology Department: Sierra Strebe and Nubia Rivas! Sierra is a recent graduate of the MARC program and the Mera Lab, now working as a post-bacc in the Wright Lab. She will be doing research in Germany before heading to a PhD program at U Wisconsin. Nubia Rivas is a recent graduate of the HHMI Research Scholars program who did her thesis in the Lopez-Martinez lab. She will be heading to Spain for her Fulbright. Both will be terrific representatives of Biology, NMSU and the USA during their Fulbright tenure (Department of Biology).


Congratulations to NMSU-HHMI Alumna Aspen Gutgsell who was awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship By the AHA (American Heart Association)

Aspen Gutgsell has been awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship by the American Heart Association (AHA) for her work in the lab of Dr. Saskia Neher, Asst. Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, and in collaboration with Dr. Albert Bowers, Assc. Professor of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry. Her fellowship will fund her efforts to develop a novel peptide therapeutic for the prevention of heart disease.

November 8, 2018.


NMSU-HHMI Research Scholars Franchesca Ortega and Nubia Rivas graduate with university honors, recognized for academic achievement

Franchesca Ortega earned her degree in Genetics and Biotechnology, and has been part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute team, and completed research through a National Science Foundation-supported REU at Washington State University. Ortega will pursue a master’s degree in Bioinformatics at the University of Maryland.

Nubia Rivas of El Paso has been previously recognized as an outstanding graduating senior by the NMSU Hispanic Staff/Faculty Caucus, and she conducted original research on the effects of irradiation on Parkinson’s Disease using Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) as her species. Rivas is a pre-med major and will have a gap year following graduation before she could pursue medical school. She has a pending application for a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Spain (NM State News Center).


INRO (Intramural NIAID Research Opportunities)

Congratulations to NMSU-HHMI research Scholars Mikayla Pulliam and Alvaro Hobbs for being accepted to interview with potential mentors for the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) INRO post baccalaureate fellowship program, This is a higly competetive program and up to 20 undergraduate, graduate and medical students will be selected.


L’Oréal USA announces 2017 for women in science fellows

Former NMSU-HHMI Research Scholar Kellie Jurado was awarded the L’Oréal women in science fellowship of $60,000. Kellie is a postdoctoral scientist in Immunobiology at Yale University and graduated from the NMSU-HHMI program in 2010.


NMSU-HHMI alumna, Hannah Drumm, conducted field research in Malaysian Borneo in connection with an international externship in summer 2016

Oil, Monkeys and, Mosquitoes: Fieldwork in Malaysian Borneo.



NMSU-HHMI alumna, Kellie Jurado, Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale School of Medicine, looks into “The Mystery of Zika’s Path to the Placenta”.

The Atlantic, 2016