Thank you for considering supporting the Hughes Precollege and College Science Education Program with your monetary donation. General donations are applied to the most needed components of the program, or you can decide what you want your contribution to fund.

Below are examples of what you can support and the amount needed for what is described. The amounts are only a way to show you the expenses for the specific component. We will be very thankful to receive whatever amount you are able to donate.

 Activity   Amount      Acronym
Stipend of a junior or senior Research
Scholar for a semester
  $1,750      RS
Stipend of a peer facilitator for one semester
of Biology 111 or Biology 211
  $1,750      PF

We invite you to make a secure tax deductible donation via:

Web site – Our Program has a fund at the NMSU’s Foundation and we use their portal.

– For an unspecified gift, please write “(102112) NMSU Hughes’ Programs,” click here.

– For a specified gift, please write “(102112) NMSU Hughes’ Programs” following by the acronym of the chosen program, click here.

Check – Our Program has a fund at the NMSU’s Foundation and we use their portal . Please fill out the form that will accompany your check. The form has the mailing address.

With your contribution, you are helping to enhance student access to science. We thank you on behalf of the students that you are supporting.



Michèle Shuster
Associate Professor of Biology
Program Director, NMSU-HHMI
Phone: 575-646-3916